A growing new computer repair company gets a friendly and inviting identity to match its focus on serving and educating the community with a smile.

About AskAngelo

AskAngelo is a new technology repair company offering computer & mobile device repairs, personalized training, virus removal, smart home installations, custom-built computers, and on-site support. The focus on all these services is to build trust with customers by talking in jargon-free plainspeak, educating on best practices, providing frequent status updates, and avoiding any hidden fees. While AskAngelo currently has a single location near Albany, NY, the company has goals of expanding to multiple locations in the near future.

Project Overview

The Belsham Technologies team was brought in to the project to create the full identity including the name of the brand, logo, website, and various branding applications.

Brand Identity

The brand for the client had to evoke friendliness and approachability to counteract many of the fears customers have of technology repair people like being talked down to, sold services that aren’t needed, or being surprised with hidden fees.

The team really looked to company co-founder Angelo Agosto for inspiration. His friendly disposition and spirit of helpfulness really helped the team find the right anchor for the company’s branding. We felt the name “Ask Angelo” strongly evoked the friendliness, eagerness to help, and listen-first attitude found in Angelo and his team.

These attributes also extended to the entire design system via a pleasant and high contrast color palette as well as fun brand elements like the “Geek Enthusiasm” badge.

AskAngelo logo
Illustration of AskAngelo mascot
"Powered by 100% Pure Geek Enthusiasm" badge
AskAngelo Example Pamphlet
AskAngelo Business Cards

Website Design

The website for AskAngelo needed to be an extension of the company’s mission to provide services effectively and with a smile. In that regard, the website had to be very easy to read and pleasant to browse. The Belsham team chose large and highly readable fonts, a clear and flat icon set for each service, and a design favoring a comfortable amount of white space so that customers are never overwhelmed by the experience.

AskAngelo website homepage.
Listing of services on AskAngelo homepage.

In Conclusion

If the numerous 5-star Google ratings are any indication, AskAngelo is living up to the friendliness and top notch service promised to customers through the company’s mission and brand identity.